Value Mining

Optimising latent value & generating new business opportunities from existing consumer data sources

Turning data overload into competitive advantages

Across the entire customer journey, we synthesise, simplify and visualise existing data ‘silos’ across business functions to create a managerial launchpad of emerging patterns, trends and insights.

This bundle of evidence forms our basis for articulating new business benefits for you, from low-hanging tactical adjustments to more long-term betterments and opportunities.

All in pursuit to achieve stronger and more profitable KPIs.

Outcomes that will make your decision making easier

One home for consumer-centric insights Bringing satisfaction, customer journey, transaction, marketing, property usage data and more into a single place
Deeper consumer insights, faster Streamlining systems and workflows for overstretched in-house teams
Evidence-based customer & behaviour segmentation Distilling the needs, attitudes and psychographics of consumers to extract detailed and transformative insights
Recommendations: Betterments & Innovations Extrapolating data into clear managerial take-outs, and identifying any insight gaps which would add business value

Process highlights

Consumer Data explained

Customer Segmentation & Advanced Analytics

Connecting dots others don’t notice

Quantitative & qualitative. Structured & unstructured. We work with hundreds of data categories:
  • Socio-demographics
  • Finances & payment
  • Property details & use: app / amenities / services
  • Customers satisfaction & journey metrics
  • Marketing: Promotions, campaigns & social media

From advanced modelling and machine learning to natural language processing, we go many steps further to get under the skin of consumers; their needs, choices and trade-offs to deliver accurate and powerful insights.

We always look at the bigger picture, exploring the wider market context, trends and developments to inform our final deliverables and recommendations.

So, let's talk about unlocking hidden data value...

Our complimentary ‘Consumer Data Scan’

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